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This formation he acquires at The Sanskar Valley School, with the love and encouragement of a supportive family.

So with his PPL (public Performance License), gratefulness in his heart and a glint in his eye he says.

Potential like wet clay can attain its full grace and glory, only through the keen eye and the firm hands of a Master Potter, and so looking down the long way I have yet to go, I thank in all sincerity the “Potters” that have brought me to this juncture in life; my Music Guru Gaurav Sani who was my first tutor, the person who smoothened out the rough edges, DJ Alok Sapra. And finally DJ Priyanjana who recognized and fueled the spark in me that is now an all encompassing blaze, last but not the least shaan is very thankful to Ten Downing Street Bhopal ( Sahiba – Abhimanyu )

“My vision as a Disc Jockey is to travel around the world exploring the very essence of Music which runs through the grain of every people on every continent, in the context of time, situation and culture; mixing, remixing and creating, to try and bring, love and harmony to all life on our planet.

A little step in the actualization of my dream is the release of a compilation of my original tunes a few months from now. A part of the proceeds generated from my concerts, I will donate, to educate the lesser fortunate children of our society and for the care of differently able people around the World”.

Youngest DJ of Asia

“Though ones ambitions may know no bounds, it can only be achieved through the thorough foundation of a sound education”

For most people, success is a distant dream, let alone an attainable reality. At an age of 13, when kids usually dream of fanciful, yet uncertain futures, one unassuming young lad, had already made commendable headway towards realizing his goal. To many music is something that evokes and moves, but to this teenager it means only one thing, “A life lived, immersed in Passion”. This outlook saw him through two years of sweat and sacrifice, to make him the youngest DJ of Asia. Now there’s no looking back, as after conquering the hearts and souls of his listeners, in his native town Bhopal, he has edged his way into the Indian circuit. After which there is only one way to go. Heads up! Music lovers of the world, the new phenomenon, Shaan is sweeping your way.

Though Shaan performs regularly in Bhopal at “Ten Downing Street”, where he holds regulars and revelers entranced in his hypnotic sway of House (electro and techno), which incidentally is his forte; he has seen off successful gigs around the country too, one of his recent features being in Goa at “Cafela Musica” on the 29th of December 2011, wherein he mixed and explored different beats. This he did elbow to elbow with DJ Mark Robinson from Holland. Shaan wishes to gain more knowledge and understanding of the art, by engaging with artists like Mark specialized in styles different from his own more often, be it Indian or foreign. This attitude of self criti appreciation won him the prestigious “War of DJ’s 2011” Bhopal. During his journey he has brushed shoulders and scratched records with some of the biggest names in the industry to mention a few we have Nikhil Chinapa, DJ NYK, DJ Suketu (Mumbai), DJ Nawed(Resident to Submerge), DJ Angel (Mumbai), DJ Priyanjana, DJ Nasha, DJs Vaggy & Stash, DJ Ram Nair (Cochin) , DJ Smita (Pune), DJ Tejas (Mumbai), DJ Lucky (Hyd.), DJ Ghani (Hyd.), DJ Paul (Hyd.), DJ Siddhu (Hyd.), DJ Zen Sabri (Hyd.), DJ Tally (Pune), all of whom, have rave reviews of him. Though all this glamour could easily derail a young mind he is yet focused and humble at heart, as in his words

What People Say

• Nikhil Chinapa

nikhil says about dj shaan sachdeva  

  DJ(Submerge), VJ on MTV India and an Indian RJ
  What a frickin’ shambles on the show today…! Yes, you have did it.
  I have to admit, I’m quietly amused when i saw him playing. Thumbs up

• Suketu Radia

nikhil says about dj shaan sachdeva  

  Celeb. Disc Jockey Shaan is an emerging artist in Indian Electronic Music Scene,
  at the age of 13 it’s very astonishing to see a boy playing whom i can compare with
  the big Dj’s around the Globe. Shaan has dedication towards his work and will
  definately do a good work in Electronic Music.


nikhil says about dj shaan sachdeva  

  King of Remixes
  At the young and ripe age of 14 , Shaan is already a sensation.
  You rock brother there’s a long way to go, I am with you. CHEERS

• Nawed Khan

nikhil says about dj shaan sachdeva  

  DJ/Producer (Resident to Submerge)
  It was quite surprising when i saw Shaan gave an opening set to me,
  a boy who is only 13 years old and was doing live mixing
  so well that took me along with his music. GOD BLESS